Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Arrived in Niger safely! Am in training and its going well. Got a new haircut today and it should prove interesting. I am learning Hausa and am hurriedly using a computer while I have time. In the little time I've been here I've already seen 13 giraffes, eaten a locust, learned to ignore spiders and bugs for the most part, gotten many shots and learned to live with a host family. We eat a lot of rice and beans while with our host family but they cook it well and there arent too many rocks in the food. We keep filtering our water so I havent been sick at all yet and although its hot we are now entering the "cold" season". Its still over 100 during the day but the nights are cooling off to where I need a blanket or sleeping bag if I sleep outside.

I learn where I will be staying/what I will be doing in a few more weeks. Language is hard but rewarding so everybody isnt too annoyed with the many hours of class/studying per day. I need a few things if you are wanting to send me stuff so I'll update my wishlist on the right. My address will also change in just a few weeks so pay attention to when it changes.

Send your address if you want me to write you a letter but just to warn you they are 3x more expensive for me to respond than for you to send and I can only send half as many pages so me sending a response may take a while so I can send you a good one =D