Saturday, February 27, 2010

Being at post!

I had this nice long blog typed up and then of course when i get here my flash drive is blank! So much for posting pictures.

My house:
I have a two room house that is big by PC standards. The door faces the back and I have two windows with plenty of light. My yard is big and has my latrine, shower area, a mandarin orange tree and room for several garden beds. I'm near the market that happens on Saturdays and I like the environment.

Lightning bugs!
Who knew about these magical creatures? I sure didn't. Having never seen lightning bugs before Melissa had to correct me the first time i saw one in the hotel room on the way down. I thought there was a kid playing with a laser pointer outside. I love these little guys! Every evening at dusk they light up the neighborhood like stars everywhere. I usually cant see the real stars because of clouds so these are an excellent replacement.

Food here is rather limited in selection so every week or two I try to go into town to pick up vegetables. The market in village basically only has tomatoes, onions and garlic. When we go into town tho there is a ton of food and so Melissa and I have been able to experiment, thus far successfully creating sopas/burritos, fries, guacamole, pastas, and banana pancakes. Its delicious!

New Names:
My name here is not tektonik, instead it is Vazaha. Even though I explain on a regular basis that my name is not Vazaha it doesnt matter and they refer to me as such at almost all times. The few times they do not they generally call me madame or madamemoiselle. I now have an improvement and have a few people who call me Alison. The other day I was translating shirts that were written in English for the kids. One kid had a shirt that said "I'm not only CUTE, I'm Irish too!". When I told the kids that this meant he had a nice face and was a vazaha. The kids could not stop laughing at him after that.

Soccer for me has been a huge life saver here. I play several times a week and am making a few friends by doing so. Its exciting to finally be able to talk to people and they are impressed because most girls dont play soccer. I can keep up when we have a juggling circle and they taught me a game "Pass-pass" which is liek a normal game but sideways and half court and they use a stick instead of a goal. If you hit the stick with the ball you get a point and this makes it where you dont have to have as many people on each team.

Its slow going when there is nothing here to work with. I was under the impression that there was a group i was supposed to be working with but there are no farmer groups here and no NGOs. I'm trying to start working with individuals and have been working with MBG a bit but mostly focusing on language. Its a headache having to always speak a foreign language, especially when people get impatient. I'm hoping to soon be able to go with the men out to the fields to get a better idea of farming practices here but its still weird to be a foreign woman trying to work with men.

I hope you all are doing well. I'm missing everybody like crazy and am trying to ignore that fact because its hard enough as it is.

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  1. Alison! Tim just sent me the link to your blog. I can't believe I had no idea you had a blog! But now that I know I'm going to try to keep up =) We miss you over here, but it sounds like you're having an amazing time. What an experience for you! I am SO proud of you, Alison! Keep it up! I'm sure they'll accept you in no time.