Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flooding during cyclone

Soccer Friends

Talk about a bad road

Over the first 3 months

So the first part of my service is done and most people tend to qualify it as the worst. Things are finally starting to pick up so that of course means i'm not at site for a while doing training again. Picture is on the way from the capital to my site

In my area Mova is the name for the melanin eating fungus that I currently am growing on my face, back, and chest! It looks like normal skin except for weird white spots. My doctor asked if I had dandruff...thanks...but no. Anyways clearing that up, I'm loving tropical diseases! Its better than the toe fleas which are exactly what they sound like.

Diet part 2:
Just so you know, being on the third world country diet also means that everyone, no matter how thin you will become, will always be thinner than you. They will also be ripped starting at age 6 or so. I didnt know a 10 year old could have a 6 pack before I came here.

So after hearing about crocodiles in the local river near us I am always excited to hear about them. Knowing this, on one of the recent market days in my village I get a group of men at my door at 8am. Confused I greet them and a group of kids act as a buffer. Out of a gunny sack out comes a 1 meter long crocodile with its mouth tied shut. So of course I touched it, showed them how crocodiles have 2 sets of eyelids and then refused to buy it to kill it. They were disappointed that I wouldnt pay them (going rate $12.50) but were happy to pose for pictures.

Walk about:
When living in a third world country and somebody invites you to go buy rice with them, ask how far away it is before you agree. After going through rice fields, across a river, up and down hills we arrive at the market in a far off commune. When we finally got back 7 hours later all my villagers asked me why I would ever walk that far. Apparently I walked approx 40km or just short of a marathon.

We got a couple new volunteers to share our banking town and a bunch more in my region which basically means new people to see once or twice a month and other people that I may never see. I was the rumored mohawk trainee who was culturally insensitive =D