Friday, June 18, 2010

After IST

Work, work, work
Since the second training work has been pretty constant. Help has been pouring in from SDMad, USAID, CARE, Unicef, and FID. It has been amazing. Starting on an SRI example field soon that was given to me along with using seed given to me. My sweet potato field has been planted and my garden is looking good.

The other week while sitting with my neighbors by the fire... SOMETHING BIT ME!!! I captured it in my pant leg and held it until someone grabbed a flashlight. Upon letting it go and shaking it out of my pants it was a creepy crawly! I called the doctor and he just said it would hurt a lot, probably not kill me. After careful research since, my friends and I have determined it was a centipede that bit me. It hurt a lot.

First birthday spent abroad. I missed all of you terribly, especially since now I am old (23) and reminescing. Danced a lot and played some beer pong. I had a great time and now time seems to be passing faster and faster.