Monday, January 10, 2011

I have a theory...

And here it is:
Everyone knows education is important for mental development and can be the biggest influence on improving a society. For the most part, these ideas seem basic, though somewhat foreign as concepts. What seems to go unnoticed in the developed world is the role that education plays on social development, the importance of which becomes apparent when most members of a community haven’t finished elementary school.
My theory goes somewhere along the lines of…social skills stop progressing at whatever grade people stop attending school. The presentation of the effects of this in adults are: mimicry (aka a half an hour of a group of adults mimicking one sentence such as, don’t touch me), poking or other touching that is not age appropriate, following other people around and talking about them in their presence (normally in front of the person in the same language they have been using). If you have these things happen to you, think “wow, its like the person is in 3rd grade,” then realize that they stopped school in 3rd grade, life begins to make sense. This theory applies just as well for more educated people as well. The older students, educated adults, and people who live around educated people are exposed to different social behavior and act in a different manner that most Americans would see as age appropriate. There’s something just weird about seeing fifty year old men mocking a volunteer then asking for money/beer. If that’s a sign of esteem, I’m still not comfortable with it.

I have just discovered the sanity-saving aspects of podcasts. After days of not speaking in English or hearing any English other than a random Celine Dion or Akon song, podcasts are AMAZING! From the more intellectual university talks to more practical “Stuff You Should Know” to comedy, I now have gotten hours of potentially life saving media. Celebrating ensues...=D

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