Saturday, March 26, 2011

Coming around the mountain

Diversity Committee
Since the country is restarting, I have been heading the committee to help PCVs, staff, and HCNs deal with American Diversity while living in Madagascar. In the past few weeks I've visited a couple other volunteers and we are starting to make some activities that other volunteers can do at site. I also went to see the new trainees !!! and talked to them about how to handle various situations where American culture differs from that here and how to better support one another.

Tanambe and Brieville
Travelled to Tanambe and Brieville and visited Erin and Haley. We worked on Diversity Committee activities and caught up. It was so good to see them again, they live several days away from me so its very rare that I see them. Took some pictures at a woman's garden in Tanambe and the pictures should be on my shutterfly ( She had many types of plants and actually runs a landscaping business around town. I'll try to post some more pictures of Brieville if I can.

Women's Day
Planted Moringa at the local hospital on Women's day. After weeks of asking the hospital when they wanted to plant, they came to me the day before the festival to ask me if the next day would be good. It was better than good! We planted the last of the Moringa saplings that I had and then had a "carnivale" which means running around town in a group singing to excite everybody about the festival. After they had speeches, dancing, and drinks.

I am going to be changing my site in June. Since my village has many nutrition and health issues and is less suited to be an environment site, I am moving to allow myself to be replaced. Starting in June I will be living at the Friends of Madagascar house near Ranomafana. This means that my address will change one last time.

Alison Thieme
BP 12091 Corps de la Paix
Poste Zoom Ankorondrano
101 Antananarivo