Monday, May 9, 2011


Mario Kart
Being driven in a taxi brousse is a lot like being in Mario Kart with somebody else driving. You race around from one point to another, passing people with no real logic, occasionally there are objects to avoid and, no matter what, your car can't handle curves very well. Also, since you don't necessarily stop to eat, when you are done with your food, you simply toss the biodegradables out the window. I swear, every time I toss a banana peel out the window, I can only think of the following car spinning in circles and getting delayed a few extra seconds (with sound effects).

We are the world
Finished painting my World HIV/AIDS Distribution Map at the local middle school. The kids from both the middle and elementary school have been going in during their recess and lunch to stare at the map and comment. Now I'm working on a Madagascar map along the same lines at the elementary school. I'll post pictures when I get to better internet.

Have packed up most of my stuff and am sending it ahead so that when I finally move I have a manageable amount. Its amazing that I came with 80lbs of stuff crammed into 2 bags and carry-on. Now everything has expanded to be huge and with all the technical books, cooking supplies, seeds, etc I have a LOT of stuff. I'll be living out of my backpack the last two weeks or so here.

The Circle of Peace Corps Life
As I'm moving to my new site, 2 new people are getting installed in my area. A lot of my stuff is being passed down and it will be interesting to see how they are in a few months. Somebody is moving in to the place where I was in the forest for weeks in October. I love the people there so I recommended it as a new site. Hopefully he enjoys it as much as I did.

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